ATTRACTION: A thought is not a mental construct. A thought is a vibration that you send out into the world. You are a satellite dish (right) sending thought vibrations out into the Universe.

INTENTION: Think of yourself as a sophisticated quantum computer. Using the principles in this work, you will program your energy body (your internal computer system) by setting an intention or goal.

MANIFESTATION: The result of this process is realizing the life that you really want. Most people AIM in these four areas

  1. Money & Prosperity
  2. Love & Sex
  3. Health & Healing
  4. Rebirth

This is illustrated by the AIM Compass below. May this be your Compass in 2024.

AIM Compass flat


BODY: A steady stream of income is necessary for survival. Money shapes how you hold your body, how tense or relaxed you are. Most people can estimate your social class within one second of meeting you.

APTITUDE (MIND): Money shapes your mental health: How you think, feel and act in the world.

SPIRIT/ENERGY: On a quantum level, money and wealth are frequencies. Your thoughts and emotions are powerful vibrations that you are sending out into the world every day. Currency is a current or charge.

EMOTION: You have three significant relationships growing up: Your Mother, your Father, and Money. Money is like a third parent. Financial Literacy is becoming a parent to money rather than a child to money.


love and sex

ATTRACT the person you really want to meet.

Be the person that you want to attract. Approach people who you are afraid to meet. Show interest. Make eye contact. Be open to surprises.

Balance the Practical, the Personal, and the Spiritual.

Attend an AIM Certified Workshop or Training.


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MANIFEST the relationship that both of you really want. A Holistic Relationship is Body Centric, Emotionally Fulfilling, and Spiritually Aligned. Dr. Darin is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than 20 years of experience. Work with the best.

Health and healing

Health and healing

TRAUMAS are life-changing experiences that compromise your physical, mental, and emotional health.

  1. PHYSICAL TRAUMAincludes physical illness and disease; injury, postural and structural strain, long work hours, lack of sleep, and exposure to chemical toxins.
  2. EMOTIONAL TRAUMAincludes any experience that causes severe emotional pain or fear, blocks emotions, significantly alters the personality or impairs your ability to be happy and at ease.
  3. FINANCIAL TRAUMAcan shape your life and adversely affect your physical and emotional health. Financial Trauma and Financial Stress is often at the root of other kinds of trauma.

TOXINS: Don’t put anything in your mouth that contains chemicals that you cannot pronounce, identify, or understand. If bacteria won’t eat it, neither should you.

DEFICIENCIES: Many people overeat because the foods they’re eating are deficient in nutrients, trace minerals, healthy flora, and other essentials. You can be over-fed and under-nourished at the same time.

INFANT AND PRENATAL TRAUMA: The earlier the trauma, the more profound its effect. Drug use during pregnancy; caesarian births, incubation, circumcision; parental neglect or abandonment; shortened maternity leaves; poor nutrition; and more can interrupt brain wiring, nervous system development and energetic functioning in the infant.

HOLISTIC HEALING includes all four quadrants: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic. All trauma shows up in the Energy Body as energetic blocks, disturbances, and imbalances.


Most people AIM for success in one of THESE three areas of their life:

  2. LOVE and SEX

If you’re unsure about these three areas, or if you want to Attract, Intend, and Manifest in multiple areas, REBIRTH is for you. AIM for a quantum shift in your life, from Caterpillar to Cocoon to Butterfly.

Attend an AIM WORKSHOP or RETREAT with Dr. Darin Deterra. We'll show you ten ways to foster Rebirth and Rejuvenation in your life and AIM for the life that you Really, Really Want!